To say I was distracted after our ultrasound is an understatement. It would be more accurate to say that I was temporarily unable to think of anything else besides my unborn daughter. To see her Rorschach shadow squirming in the womb simply blew my mind wide open, and it has remained blown.

I asked my dad how his life changed after I (the first-born) arrived on the scene. He told me that was a difficult question to answer. Having a baby, he explained, shifts your priorities so much that you sort of forget what life was like pre-children. You see the world differently.

The process has already begun with me, kick-started by that ultrasound appointment. Now, I notice changing tables in public restrooms. Car seats are suddenly exciting. I have a newfound interest in relative fetal size compared to fruits and vegetables (this week, like a head of cauliflower). My brain is coming to grips with the idea of being a father.

At the same time, other, less important activities in my life are being pushed aside to make mental room for this newcomer. One of them is a moderately-trafficked blog about "stuff" (art, cars, tattoos, etc.) that I've unintentionally abandoned. All of those things just don't seem so important any more, but my baby is important; my family matters. And I want to talk about that. Expect to see more of me around here from now on.

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