Christopher Straub, Season 6 Ep. 1 Project Runway, originally uploaded by withremote

We went to the No Coast Craft-o-Rama last weekend, as is our annual tradition, and did some gift shopping. We know many of the vendors from Craftstravaganza so it's fun to say hi. Plus it's a good place for scoping out new artists.

One highlight this year was meeting the famous fashion designer Christopher Straub from TV's Project Runway! Of course we already knew him from being in our show for the last three years too. But we hadn't talked to him since his television appearance so it was great to see him again, and his new line of accessories (plus I bought a pair of Cricket Syndicate underpants--another yearly tradition--and had him sign them).

I love watching our vendors go on from the show to continued success. To think we contributed in some small way to their development is very rewarding. Maybe the best part of doing these events.