A toddler´s view

A toddler´s view, originally uploaded by Andri Elfarsson

Natalie is truly a toddler; she's all over the place. It's really fun to play with her. She likes to wrestle, read books, and dance. She's also getting great at asking what she wants to do with a combination of signs, words, and pointing.

Last week I brought her to the launch party for Paper Darts, a new local literary magazine. She had a great time meeting people, looking at art, and eating gummy bears from the hors d'oeuvres table. No women hit on me this time though like when I carried Natalie to the GO LIVE event at fivetwosix salon.

Anyway the point is that she is growing up and usually a delight to be around. Plus she's going to sleep a lot easier these days. All in all, I'd say that she has leveled up as a human.

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