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I'm afraid that I may be falling in love with the city. After pining for the country for so long, I'm finally being charmed by the place where I live. When our house failed to sell this year, my wife and I had to admit: we were OK with that.

We like our house. We don't hate our neighborhood. And there are wonderful perks to the central location: great shops, bars, restaurants, playgrounds, and cultural events, all within walking distance. I can quickly get anywhere in the Twin Cities for event planning meetings, and I'm not outrageously far from my office (although it would be great to be closer). And there's no shortage of things for Natalie to do.

It also helps that one of my coworkers got a flock of chickens so I have a convenient source of farm-fresh eggs. Eventually I do want my own homestead, my own gardens, and my own hens/goats/bees/whatever. But for right now, I'm good.


Twwly said...

Every single time I have to drive into town on snowy roads which make me think WEREALLGONNADIE (which last year was 6 months of the year) I wish I lived in town.

Almost every other minute, I adore country life and wouldn't swap it for nothin'.

You can get fresh good food without having to grow it, just might require a little leg work and dressing down on the days you drive to meet your local farmers. ;)

Ups and downs to all man.

Andy Krueger said...

Thanks for the comment! It is inspiring to read your posts (and see photos) of country life. One day...!

drvono said...

Hey, I'm just catching up on your blog and I'm glad to read you're liking the city! I'd like it if you stuck around.