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Trying new things makes me happy. Sometimes they stick and become a hobby; usually I get bored quickly, and go do something else instead. And that's okay! It's rewarding to attempt something different, even if I only do it once. Hopefully I grew from the experience, gathered some knowledge, and didn't spend too much money in the process.

This week I ventured to explore two wildly dissimilar hobbies: Yoga and Dungeons & Dragons. The latter was because Saturday was Worldwide Dungeons & Dragons Game Day. Sadly when I got to my local games store to try it out, all the scheduled sessions were booked.

So I didn't get to try roleplaying yet, but I have been practising yoga for about half an hour every morning this week. At first I tried an exercise program on TV. That was too much, too fast. Instead, I'm teaching myself from the Internet for now... taking it slow, adding one new position at a time, and trying not to hurt myself. I can say for certain, whether I continue the practice or not, it has been a rewarding and enjoyable week.

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