Urban Farm

funky chicken, originally uploaded by CRYPTERIA ~ the magic chicken's REBELLIOUS SHOTS

Whenever I think our city lot is too small for keeping chickens, I find another article about urban farms, like the Taqwa Community Garden in the Bronx. Then I think, "if chickens can make it in New York City, they can make it anywhere!" Until I dig a little deeper and learn they actually have two acres of land.

Anyway we might put our house on the market this year. I hear that prospective buyers don't like stepping in chicken droppings, so we'll have to wait for those fresh eggs until we move into the next place. But we'll be gardening again once the ground thaws.

This is our third growing season at this house, and our first with a baby. So I'll try cultivating some things that she likes to eat: sweet potatoes, peas, and berries. She won't be old enough to help, but it's never to early to enjoy fresh, home-grown produce!


The Jay said...

If you get a chance, check out Deep Economy... it's a great read and totally supports urban farming and local supply and consumption of everything, from food to energy. Lots of fun and very inspiring.

The Jay said...

By the way, we're expecting our first any day now.