2009 Thing Update

CPS Library, originally uploaded by eholubow

Our total of things tossed is up to 759. Last month we ran into the same problem as Dave Bruno in his 100 Thing Challenge, namely, what counts as a "thing?"

We cleared out a bunch of old paperwork from the filing cabinet, and our entire CD collection. My wife, who majored in graphic design and photography, purged boxes of photos and negatives. Collections of a lot of little things. So what are the rules for this?

A CD in a case counts as single thing; it's a discrete object and it has some value too. What about a burned CD with no case? Is each photo in a box one thing, or do we count the entire box as one object? What if you throw away a small stack, and then throw away more later? I just let my wife decide how to tally it all, and the problem is solved.

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