Benedictine Day of Prayer

Sun Hive, originally uploaded by Edith OSB

I have wanted to visit a Christian monastery for a while, and Lent seems like a good time to do it. After all, this period of the liturgical year is supposed to be characterized by prayer, penitence, and asceticism. Who better than an monk to exemplify these virtues?

So today I will be rising early and leaving home at 5:00 for the drive out to St. John's Abbey in Collegeville, MN. Today is one of four Benedictine Days of Prayer in 2010. On these days, the monks welcome "men and women of all faiths" to join them for a spiritual conference, lectio divina, silent reflection and prayer.

I am excited for this visit but not for any particular outcome. Although I have read many books on monasticism and one of my favorite authors (Thomas Merton) was a monastic, I'm trying to clear my mind of all preconceived notions going in. I will write about my experience afterward.

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