Day of Prayer: Sext

St. John's Abbey, originally uploaded by axoboy

At noon we returned to the abbey church along with the monks for midday prayer. I didn't know all the Catholic catch-phrases or cross myself at the right times, but it didn't matter. In my few short hours there, I had relaxed into the routine enough to feel more like an active participant instead of a tourist, as I had in the morning.

Afterward we returned to the guesthouse for lunch, more discussion, and another group lectio divina. Far too quickly, the day was over. I promised our monk to pay online and said goodbye.

One member of our group is a St. John's University graduate who returns to the abbey frequently for retreats, and I understand why. Overall, the Benedictine Day of Prayer was a fantastic experience. I would love to participate in another. In fact, I wish I could be there for all of them!

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