D&D Game Day

An elaborate dungeon setup, originally uploaded by Benimoto

Warning: nerd talk ahead!

I've been DMing 4e Dungeons and Dragons, on and off, with various family members for about a year now. I enjoy running these games, but I've also been anxious to try playing from the other side of the table. Last weekend I got my chance during Worldwide D&D Game Day.

I invited my youngest brother and his girlfriend (my two most consistent players) to join me at The Source so that we could play together. After a hilarious sequence of events, I arrived late, with only two open spots remaining. I signed up, sat down, and then... they were nowhere to be found. They were waiting for me to show up before they registered. Ironically, if they had, then I wouldn't have been able to participate. Instead I bumped them out. Too bad about that, but on to the game!

We played through three encounters in as many hours with a group of six PCs and one DM. Playing one role was a much more relaxing experience than orchestrating an entire game world while keeping tabs on everyone else. With a full group I also got a feel for the intended application of different class types, and understood why combat is so awkward with only two or three PCs. Overall, I had a blast, and I hope to do it again soon!

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