One Year Ago

Natalie, originally uploaded by craftstravaganza

The 5th Annual Craftstravaganza is approaching fast, faster than I realized. It always seems so far away until, BAM, it's just around the corner. I'm excited to get started and then drag in the middle. Hopefully I can shake off months of lethargy and sprint to the finish line.

Yesterday afternoon we returned to the Minnesota State Fairgrounds for our annual site inspection. We like to preview the building, note any changes, and plan accordingly. Of course last year was the first time that Natalie accompanied us (outside of the womb) and I was suddenly struck by how much she has changed since then.

She was just a wee babe in 2009, happy to be carted around in her stroller, and taking frequent naps. On this visit she took off into the big empty building, running and shouting and climbing, boldly dashing around corners out of sight. Even after she slipped and smacked her head on the concrete she didn't allow herself to be held for long, fighting back tears so she could continue exploring. What a difference a year makes!

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Jhenn said...

ahh! I too have a show on the 1st! Next time convince whoever I am not a food vendor, everything I sell if wrapped up! good luck!