threesixtyfive day:203, originally uploaded by bigcrustyape

Natalie has learned to say "stuck." As it turns out, this is a terribly useful word for a toddler to know. She manages to get herself stuck in all kinds of places and now she can tell us about it so that we can get her out.

I was also feeling a bit stuck recently, in my career. Although my day-to-day tasks have changed drastically, I've been working in essentially the same position for nearly three years, the longest I've ever stayed in one job. I actually love that job, and I'm good at it, but that's kind of the problem. I was too comfortable; essentially spinning my wheels, doing the work but not moving forward.

So it was the perfect time for a promotion! I'll be taking on a more challenging role, with greater responsibility and more visibility with the company. I can't wait to get started! Now we just need to hire someone to do my old job...