Tokyo biker, originally uploaded by manganite

I've been circling the question of what to do about my motorcycle, while not riding it all along, for a couple of years now. My emotions clouded my judgment. When it comes to stuff, and whether to keep it or toss it, there's only one criterion that matters. I asked myself, "Does this make my life better?" The short answer is "no."

My father-in-law was a bit disappointed, and that was holding me back. Then I remembered that I don't have to live the way other people expect me to. I'm happy because (as one of my Twitter followees likes to say:) I do what I want, not what I think you want me to do. So I sold the bike.

The new owner is a lady my age, and it will be her first bike. Thanks to my girlish figure, she was able to fit into almost all my riding gear, and so I was able to get some extra cash for that too. As her dad rode the bike away, I felt at peace with the decision. Plus my wallet was a little heavier, and that doesn't hurt!

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