We All Scream

iceblingtruck, originally uploaded by don gelato a.k.a iceblingking

My latest craze is making ice cream. I could eat ice cream every day, and it's fun to make, so there's no lack of motivation to keep churning it out. The first batch of French vanilla was a revelation. So rich and creamy.

I tried this Fresh Mint Ice Cream Recipe which sounded interesting because it involved making crème fraîche, which is a fancy sour cream. The crème fraîche came out alright but I couldn't see how a sour cream base was going to make a delicious, sweet, ice cream. As it turned out, it didn't. It was just a frozen, mint-flavored, sour cream blob.

My two recent successes were Rocky Road + Irish Whiskey. I could double the batch for the latter recipe and still easily fit into our KitchenAid ice cream maker. I am in love with that thing. It may be the best appliance we've ever bought.

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