Weekend of Gluttony

Rustic Bread, originally uploaded by loumcf

This weekend was all about FOOD. After Natalie went to sleep on Friday night, we watched the France episode of No Reservations. It got me very excited about eating and activated my long-dormant baking gland. After Jenna went to bed, I stayed up to prepare a sponge starter so I could make bread in the morning.

On Saturday I made two loaves of Rustic French bread and tried a new restaurant for lunch: Ruam Mit Thai in downtown St. Paul (egg rolls and curry fried rice). That was a good start, but I was hungry for more! When we found the KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker attachment on sale at Target, well, it was an easy decision.

On Sunday I made our first batch of homemade French Vanilla ice cream. I scrambled up the leftover egg whites for lunch and made a white sauce to go with our gnocchi for dinner. And for dessert, half a dozen lemon poppyseed muffins. Mmmm... I wish this weekend would never end!

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