Dairyland, originally uploaded by tubes.

Natalie has a word, "uck," which means three things right now. "Yuck," (the original) "milk," and "book." It can get a bit confusing, especially at night when I can't tell if Natalie wants to read another story or her bedtime snack, or if she's just telling me that something displeases her. It's okay because we usually figure out what she means, although nobody else could.

Here's some other parent-ese vocabulary that she's speaking:

  • Bhhr: Bird, especially when referring to my swallow tattoos.

  • [x]ish: Her word for fish starts differently every time but she always sticks the ending.

  • Whee: means she wants to play on her slide (awesome indoor toy for the winter!)

  • Peek: Peek-a-boo

  • Gigga Gigga Gigga: Yo Gabba Gabba!

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