Night of the Laughing Dead

Pride of the Zombies, originally uploaded by scottnj

Yesterday's post was a little negative. I can imagine Natalie reading this when she's older (on whatever technology replaces the gadget that replaces the iPad) and saying, "Geez DAD. I'm sorry I was such a BURDEN." So I'm reporting that last night she fell asleep like a champ.

After she was out, I got to spend some time with my wife. So what did we do? I sat on the couch with my headphones on and watched Zombieland on the laptop while Jenna did projects and watched Biggest Loser.

At one point I started laughing and Jenna said, "I thought it was a horror movie." "it's a horror comedy." She gave me a funny look. "That's a thing," I assured her. In fact, this is the best RomZomCom since Shaun of the Dead.

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