You've lost... you just don't know it

Paisley had a doctor appointment this week to check up on her after the tympanostomy that I totally didn't blog about (the surgery was in the same place where Natalie got her fillings, and the experience was pretty similar, except that familiarity made it slightly less traumatic)(for us).

Jenna and the kids came to visit me at the office afterward. I sat Natalie down by my dad's wooden chess set to play with the pieces. When I looked down, she had completely set up the board for the side of the board that she could reach (only the knights and bishops were on each others' squares).

I didn't know she could do this. I only told her about the pieces' starting positions once and we have never practiced setting up the board. But we have played several games at home, often at her insistence, and clearly she was paying attention. I have never been more proud of her than I was at that moment.

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marysuek said...

Yup, she's one smart cookie! I love this saying and Natalie gave me the chance to use it. Like father, like daughter(also true).