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What is the most important thing in your life? We each have a mental ranking of personal priorities that may not match up with the way we actually live. The evidence is in our actions. Am I behaving in a way that's consistent with my goals, or is what I do in opposition to what I believe?

The funny thing is that it's obvious to others where my priorities lie... the hard part is to figure it out for myself. In order to do this, I have to examine my life with detachment. I need to figure out, objectively, first what my goals are; second, whether my day-to-day activity is moving me closer to or further away from those goals; and third, what must change in order to bring my life in line with my stated goals. (I'm sure I learned how to do this from Zen Habits.)

I bring this up because I had a revelation. I would say that my primary responsibility is to my wife and child, but do my actions always show this? They might say otherwise. (At least my wife could tell you now; Ashley will tell her therapist in twenty years.) So I made a resolution--which I'm sharing publicly to give it some weight--to renew my commitment to be a good husband and a great, savvy dad.

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