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It's been three weeks now since our daughter "Ashley" was born, and my priorities shifted again. Just like last time, I have been so awestruck that I don't really know what to say. Having a baby is a profound experience. I am so busy living it, that I am having trouble observing and unpacking it.

But I need to get this down for posterity. Otherwise I know I'll regret it later. While in Japan, I lived fully in the moment, at the expense of journalling. Then I got home and within a couple of weeks started wishing I had kept better records. "Did I visit that temple? What was the name of the train I rode every day? I think I remember how to cook okonomiyaki..."

I'd hate to make the same mistake twice. Already our little one is changing, and it's hard to believe it now, but everyone tells me that she will grow up fast. At that time, I want to look back and remember:

  • she was very alert at birth, and looked at everything with wide-open eyes.

  • her cone-head rounded out within a day, leading people to ask if she was a c-section, but

  • she is still rocking a bitchin' baby mullet.

  • when she squeaks, it sounds like air being let out of a balloon.

  • her neck is so strong; she loves to arch her back and bang her head against my chest.

I love her very much. The end.

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