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Our baby is noisy now. Sometimes Ashley makes a sound just like a little piglet rooting around. Although my wife doesn't like comparisons to barnyard animals, I mean it in a good way. I think her grunting is cute. As is the loud slurping when she's sucking on something. The crying and screaming? Not so cute.

She was so quiet at first. Every day, the volume knob is turned a little higher, and she expands her verbal repertoire. This one is my favorite. She gathers all her energy with a noise that sounds like an impending sneeze, but culminates in a belted-out coo. "rrrnnngGUHHH!" All the while with a surprised look on her wide-open eyes.

I doubt there's any conscious intent behind it, and yet, it almost sounds like she's trying to communicate through sheer force of will. Especially when she stares at me like that. Soon enough, little critter, soon enough.


E. McPan said...

Who knew that babies went up to eleven??

evil dad said...

It's true! In fact I originally considered using this photo at the top of the post.