OK, I haven't posted in a bit because I do my pictures from Flickr and it's not talking with Blogger right now. But I don't have time to wait for those two to kiss and make up, my baby is quickly turning into a little person, and I have a lot to report. She is eight months old and I just turned 28.

First of all, and most recently, Ashley learned to wave. This is incredible to me. She watches us doing something with our hands and she can repeat it.

She's also playing games, like peek-a-boo, holding a sheet over her face and pulling it down quickly. Another favorite is throw-the-toy-on-the-floor. I pick it up, she hurls it down again, we can do that for hours. Not only is she capable of this, but she enjoys doing it, and that's the best part of all.

Eating from a spoon is old news. We have moved on to exciting different puree flavors and even tiny dissolvable snacks. The new hotness is sweet potato puffs. She can feed herself these, though mostly they go to the dog.

She's also scooting all over the place and getting ready to stand or walk. She can crawl backwards great, scuttle sideways, and spin like a record. Lots of push-ups. We finally realized it was time to baby-proof the house, soon she will be everywhere.

Giving her baths is still like sitting in the Splash Zone. Lately there's less splashing with her legs and more playing with toys. She fills up the plastic tub that seemed almost too big when we first brought her home. Now she can pull herself right out of it!

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