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We are off to a good start on our 2009 Things challenge. At the end of the first month, we have already thrown out or donated over 500 things and when I say "we," I mean mostly "my wife." She cleared out her collection of Christmas decorations, lots of old art supplies, and a ton of other detritus.

Sure there's a focus on having less stuff, but really the point is to have more. More space, more time, more happiness. Uncluttering fosters simplicity and a heightened sense of gratitude for the possessions we do keep.

Simplifying can be fun too! Often the simple solution is a better one. We sold our G5 desktop computer (comprised of monitor, box, speakers, subwoofer, mouse, keyboard, and tons of cables and wires) to make room for a nice MacBook Pro (1 thing... or 2 if you count the power cord).

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