Vasectomy? Vasect-a-you!

I chivalrously volunteered to have the boys snipped when we decide to stop having children. But that was before reading this terrifying tale of testicular trauma. Extremely painful-looking photograph behind that link, btw.

Suddenly condoms don't seem like such a bad idea!


twwly said...

If you are considering Vasectomy, just check out some different methods. Scott had the regular ol' scalpel method, and apparently the scalpel-less laser or "crushing" techniques are less invasive and you have much less risk of having a hematoma develop.

And recurring testicular pain sounds like it happens far more often for men than docs may let on... and now that we've been talking to people about having problems, we've heard some guys say that things have never "ended" the same way since.
Instead of:
It's more like:

And I gather the difference between "AIIII!" and "AH" is fairly disappointing.

All things to consider.

I mean, condoms for-evvver sounds pretty shitty too. As does a surprise baby at 45 or something.

evil dad said...

Thanks for the input, twwly! And I certainly hope Scott is feeling better.