Rock-afire Explosion

If you're old like me, then you might remember the heyday of pizza party arcades like Chuck E. Cheese and Showbiz Pizza. Perhaps you even witnessed a live performance of the animatronic animal band from Showbiz, the Rock-afire Explosion. The restaurants went out of business long ago but a small community is programming the robots to perform modern songs, with awesome results.

This isn't just new music being played over random movements. The entire band is fully choreographed, with lip syncing, playing of instruments, and everything. Really takes me back to birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese, back when they had a real arcade, and not just rows of Skee-ball machines and photo booths.

If you enjoyed their rendition of Electric Feel, above, there are several more up on YouTube. I especially recommend you check out the Rock-a-Fire Explosion take on Fergy and The Arcade Fire.

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