Ginger (f)ale

Today started off well. I took Natalie for a ride in the bike trailer, then we visited my parents for play time, with a side trip to their office at the airport. It was after we returned home and Jenna was putting Natalie down for her nap when I realized something horrible. I had forgotten to pick up my free Twins tickets from work for the game that was starting in two hours.

I made some quick calls but it was too late. I screwed up. I was really sad for a while. Then I decided to stop being sad, and start being awesome.

I started by breaking out the ginger syrup I prepared last night and pouring myself a Big Ginger. Properly fueled with awesomesauce, I enlisted Natalie's help mixing batter for chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese fillings. Jenna made pizza from scratch and I topped my half with bell pepper fresh from the garden and mushrooms tossed in olive oil. Day: salvaged!

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