4th of July Weekend

We spent another weekend at the lake with my family, and except for one teeny incident on the way up, it was all good times. We got caught in a storm and hail destroyed our windshield and we were almost run over by an insane truck driver but other than that. Aces!

Feeding the cows was one of the things Natalie remembered from our previous trip and desperately wanted to do again. Unfortunately, during this visit they were kept fenced away from the road and we couldn't reach them. Natalie was devastated for about 20 seconds. I think it's a sign of good parenting that instead of comforting her, I whipped out the camera and took a photo of her moping.

In fact, sulking is Natalie's new hobby. Honestly she's already doing some things that I didn't think I would have to deal with until she was a teenager. Mini golf with her cousin Nadia was fun for about three holes. Then she stomped away and resolutely faced away from the rest of us. "Leave me alone!" A few minutes later it's all smiles and, "I'm happy now!" Also, she loved the go carts.

Uncle Kevin was showing off his slacklining so Natalie decided to demonstrate her own "trick" of running around the yard with her sunglasses on her belly. She took it very seriously. You can see the determination in her eyes. She also invented a new game: punching her uncle Kevin in the butt.

We could hear loons loudly protesting the traffic on their lake all weekend and during one boat ride, we got close to a family of two adults and one baby (loonling?). We did go swimming once. I was very brave. The pictures of fireworks didn't turn out (do they ever?) but Natalie loved throwing poppers and stomping on them. It was our best Independence Day yet!

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