I'm very fond of bento boxes. When I was living in Japan, they seemed like an elegant and practical means for transporting homemade lunch food. Before I left for the States, I found a lunch box that proclaimed, "we are passionate about lunchtime communication! Lunch is a good day pass-time." I bought it immediately. Then I returned home and never once used it, because it was so very small.

The Plastica Bento Box is a segmented stacking container, made with multiple color options. Our child isn't even born yet, let alone eating solid food, yet I'm sorely tempted to pick up one of these. Just to try it out, you understand. I'll give it up when she grows a little older... or maybe she can get her own.

Looking for a more traditional design? Check out the adorable boxes at I Love Obento! Don't miss the nylon pouch that straps to your bicycle frame.

Plastica Bento found at Babygadget.

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