Perseids Meteor Shower, originally uploaded by The Korky

Friends and relatives descended on our home last Sunday to participate in an ancient ritual. The guest list for this ceremony was girls-only, so while they showered my wife with gifts, I excused myself for an afternoon of motorcycle riding. When I got home there was a pile of new baby stuff and our fridge was full of treats. It was a win-win scenario.

In addition to the items from our registry, our baby got some fun and thoughtful presents, like Haba's wooden twisting fish, "Moby." So cute! Best of all, my mother-in-law decorated our nascent nursery with custom fabrics. My wife picked out colors and patterns, and her mom sewed drapes and crib bedding.

It's amazing how much we have accumulated. Although we have most of the things that we truly need, my wife has a shopping list of some stuff she still wants. I have a list of my own, but it's very short; the one item on it is due for delivery in 3-6 weeks.

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