Dad's diaper bag of choice

We've got half a dozen diaper bags at home, not one of which I'd wear of my own accord. I knew that someone must have cracked the market for dads, but I couldn't find them. Babygadget heard my cry, and pointed me toward the excellent Cevan Metro Diaper Bag from Allen Ave.

As a man, I'm an outsider to the mysterious world of "bags." Before today I never thought about what makes a diaper bag different from any other kind. After reading their list of features, I can understand why somebody would want one of these. BabyGadget assures me that "finding bags that look this good while still doing their job is rare." Maybe that's why I never understood the attraction until now?

Manly style and practical functionality: that's two-thirds of the way to my holy grail. Is it also cheap? $70 at Costco is... well... I'll have to ask my wife what she spent for the pile of feminine bags on our nursery floor. I will say that it's a price I'm willing to pay for gender-appropriate accessories.


drvono said...

"Feminine bags"... you mean like a douchebag?

Evil Dad said...

That is exactly what I do not mean. Gross, dude.

Roger Brown said...

This bag looks cool!