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Growing up, I lived in a strictly no-cussing household. There was zero tolerance for anything resembling swear words. We were not allowed to say that something "sucks." My mom once let the s-word slip while she was driving, and while my brothers and I were shocked, she was even more mortified.

On the other hand, some folks have no problem using salty language around kids. Our neighbors across the street certainly don't let the presence of children inhibit their nonstop barrage of f-bombs and profanity-laced threats.

I haven't decided how to moderate my own occasional cursing. I have recently become more aware when a "bad" word escapes my lips. Involuntarily, I think I am inclined to follow my father's footsteps. At least I have an outlet for venting frustration that didn't exist when he was my age: that's what the Internet is for!

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E. McPan said...

It would be funny if your parents had written down the swear words they wanted to say in a diary-like book. Like, just a list of bad words and a date.