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My whole life is about to be turned upside-down. Does that include giving up video games?

In a GameSetWatch article, Mr. Raroo examines the topic of continuing hobbies after the baby arrives. The conclusion? Be prepared to take a hiatus for the first month or two. After that, it's game on... with a few caveats. Your habits may change, but if there's a hobby you truly enjoy, then eventually you'll pick it up again.

It's a good read, whether your treasured pastime is playing games or something else. As it is, although I enjoy video games very much, they are less a priority now than when I was young and single. On the other hand, he did get me thinking about how nice it would be to play DS (or read a book) while I take the bus to work.

I've done that in the past and it worked out swimmingly. It's too bad that taking public transit to my current job would jack my commute up to four hours a day. Looks like I'll be plugging in some headphones and quietly rocking to Guitar Hero during nap time.

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