Our New House: virtual tour part 1

Oh, hello! Welcome to our new home. Due to a minor title problem, we haven't been able to close yet (the closing was scheduled for yesterday), but that should be sorted out soon. Thanks to these MLS photos, both you and I can pretend that we're actually there! Come on in, won't you?

The front door opens into the new addition with the original 1900 brick house to your right. Straight ahead is the kitchen, which is easily the most gorgeous room in the entire house. I hope those stainless steel appliances are still there when we move in!

Looking back from the kitchen you can see the main entry and the big, wide, new staircase. Given the way everything is wired, this wall is probably where our TV will have to go for now. Hardwood floors throughout this level. Also, more recessed lighting.

That brick section was originally part of an exterior wall on the old house. I LOVE how the renovation left this exposed. They really preserved the history of the building while updating the style of the space into something modern.

Come on upstairs and you can see how they built the new portions of the house. Nothing fancy, just practical, usable space. The bank put in new carpet up here. Every wall was painted this same color. We have five bedrooms and two bathrooms all on the upper level, including a master bed and bath suite.

The guest bath sits in the "old wing" of the second storey and preserves the feel of that era. The clawfoot tub is much smaller (and dirtier) in person than it looks! Washer and dryer hookups are situated along the right wall.

The cavernous master bedroom comes with a walk-in closet that could almost fit our current bedroom by itself. Not for real, but still. It's gigantic. French doors walk out to the backyard. The master bath was inexplicably not pictured in the MLS listing. Maybe I'll share photos of that room some other time.

On the opposite side of the house are the original stairs and an arched stone doorway which I'm guessing was in another exterior wall. The floor looks like all original hardwood on this side of the ground level.

A view from inside the doorway. The left door goes to what will probably become our dining room. The other door leads outside. The doorknob is just one of many pieces of hardware that were removed when the previous owner moved out.

Finally, here's a shot of two more rooms in the first floor's old wing. Well, that concludes our tour for now. I hope you enjoyed looking at our new house! Next I'll post some photos of the exterior and the rest of the property. Hopefully, in a little while, I can show you what it looks like when we're all unpacked and moved in!


Becca said...

Pretty stoked for hardwood flooring--what a fun place for a hobby farm! (I have my subscription to Hobby Farm and Hobby Farm Home, even though we're still renting in the hood:) SOMEday I'll get back to my roots. (Minus the goats. Didn't really like having those, they ate EVERYthing and our dogs will be have PTSD for life after all those head buttings...)

Andy Krueger said...

These photos really capture the beauty of the empty space. Now those antique floors are covered in toys and I wish we could recapture that "zen" mood. I sure would like a goat or two. The little pygmies can't butt too bad, can they?