Craftstravaganza Complete


The Craftstravaganza is over! We had over 3,000 people through the doors including our family and many good friends who came to help and shop. My brother Kevin brought his girlfriend Annie, and they were our super-volunteers who stayed the whole day. It was the first year for her and for others, like my new coworker Amanda, and new sister-in-law's-husband Jared.

You can see the loot we acquired above. There's a honeypot, yarn, dish towels, baby dress, dog collar, necklace, and mushroom lawn ornaments. On top of all that, Abigail gave me a bag of fresh-picked morels from Door County. I used them in some delicious omelettes on the morning after the show.

Photo of me lounging in my Junk Drawers*

But what's most exciting are the underwears. Cricket Syndicate first sold me on the idea of handmade briefs and I have built up quite a collection over the past five years. I bought four pairs from our new vendor Junk Drawers and I think they might be my new favorite! I rate them ten out of ten fluffly clouds on the comfort scale and a triple RAWR on the sexiness chart (this is dangerously close to the level of hotness that results in actual pants on fire). Anyway, I'm wearing a pair right now with a tiger on it, thanks for reading!

*OK, no, not really


E. McPan said...

Rawr, indeed! "Junk drawers" - I love it!

Sarah Morean said...

YES! I am totally obsessed with the idea of homemade underwear.

I just weeded my closet and whatever Buffalo Exchange won't buy, I'm going to transform into panties. Bam!