Harvest Moon: Dad Edition

I define my existence by comparison to videogames. So, as we go through this new phase of life, I can't help but think of Harvest Moon. Besides the fact that I'm already married (which is typically the ultimate goal of the game), I'm following the plot line exactly.

Let's look at the anatomy of a Harvest Moon game:

  1. Move into a quaint old farmhouse: check
  2. Desperately in need of yard work: have you seen our deck?
  3. Near a cute little village: it's an easy one mile walk to downtown Carver
  4. With convenient access to a wilderness area: there's a trail into a National Wildlife Refuge literally across the street from our house
  5. Then clear fields, plant seeds, harvest crops, raise animals, and live happily ever after: in progress...

Of course, the downside is that now I have no motivation to finish Rune Factory 2. Why pretend to farm when there's so much work to do in real life?

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