Happy Moving Day!

MOVING.jpg, originally uploaded by www.akacorleone.com

I woke up yesterday morning with a tummy ache, which I chalked up to nerves. When it turned into a bout of diarrhea I began to suspect that I may have contracted Natalie's stomach flu. Any doubt was removed, after I spent the afternoon violently regurgitating most of a bowl of Cinnamon Toasters, and peeing out the rest through my butthole.

My energy level through the rest of the day was at zero. I spent all evening and all night taking mini-naps with sips of water in between. Finally at 4:00 AM the sharp pain in my chest wouldn't allow me to sleep any more, and thus begins my moving day!

The title company delayed the paperwork for so long that we're closing on the new house one day before the old house, which means that we absolutely have to move everything before tomorrow morning. We hired movers and a few family members volunteered to help out, so God willing, it should all work out in the end. For my part, I'm just trying to keep down a few Saltine crackers, and stay out of the way.


mgorter said...

Oh, dude! Awful timing on getting sick! Hope you get your A-game back soon.

Really hope the move goes well for you all! The grounds look great and the house looks fantastic! Keep the pics coming!

Andy Krueger said...

Thanks Mike! More photos to come.