360-Degree View: virtual tour part 2

Are you ready for the amazing, immersive, online adventure to continue? This post is a photo walk-around that shows our new house from all sides. We open with the view as you come up the driveway: original brick house to the south, new addition built on to the north.

West of House
You are standing in an open field west of a white house.

> go north

Continuing around the house, you can see the doors to the master bedroom on this side, and our view all the way to the horizon. Nothing but trees and sky. I don't think I mentioned that the property is on bluffs. On the other side of the road is a little stream that branches off the Minnesota River.

Over here is some cedar siding that was left unpainted. This corner is sort of hidden, so I'm inclined to leave it that way. By the way, this upper part of the yard is where I would like our garden to be, assuming it gets enough sunlight.

The three doors here from left to right lead to the old stairs with the arched stone doorways, then the kitchen, then the garage.

Some kind of flowering tree is planted in front. Crabapple, maybe? We hope to plant a couple of fruit trees. In my dreams I would like to build the forested part of our lot into a Japanese garden filled with cherry trees, mossy walking paths, and a koi pond.

And that brings us all the way back to the front again! Compare and contrast this photo with this one from the MLS during winter. In part three I'll take you back up the slope for a look at a historical outbuilding and collapsed deck, along with plenty of wishful thinking.

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