The Beauty of Nature

Bald Eagle gets his Prey, originally uploaded by Nikographer [Jon]

We were planning to move into our new house today. Since the closing hasn't happened yet, that plan had to be modified. Instead, we decided to tackle some projects that needed to get done.

While we were there, I communed with the animals. A bald eagle flew over our house! Also a blue jay and goldfinches, which we don't get much in the city. We discovered some mole trails in the yard. Then we found giant, disgusting caterpillar nests in our apple tree and my father in law taught me how to kill them with fire.

There was hail falling for a minute while we lopped a branch off a tree. It had to go because it was scraping shingles from our roof. Jenna's mom and sister helped clean the house. Overall the house looks much more habitable now, and we're one day closer to moving in.

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