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Natalie's cousin Anika with our Pug Lola

As you know, I started in a new position in April. On the same day that my promotion was announced, Jenna was laid off from her job. We've known this was coming--it was obvious that the company was not doing well--so we had been waiting several years for the axe to fall.

It always sucks to lose a job, but the timing is actually fortuitous. For one thing, since we knew it would happen sooner or later, Jenna was relieved to finally be done with it. Plus she didn't have to worry about moving her home office utilities to the new house. They let her keep all the stuff, though; a desk, computer with dual-screen monitors, and super nice printer!

The best part is that our new house is only 10 minutes away from her sister Holly, who just returned to her job, and needed someone to look after her kids. Jenna started our "family daycare" service this week. Natalie gets to spend more time with her cousins, and Lola gets all the attention she could ever want!


mgorter said...

Awesome. Sounds like very providential timing to me! Glad to see God's continued blessing in your lives! Hope you and Jenna are enjoying the transition!

Andy Krueger said...

Absolutely! It's more stress than I would like but I am amazed at how all the pieces have come together in the end. I'm loving the country. We hope you can come and visit some time!