Just do one thing

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I had a sort of epiphany while delving dungeons in Torchlight (which is awesome) last night. I realized that I can spend my precious free minutes goofing around on the computer--and the result is that I will have wasted a hours upon hours playing video games--or I can invest my time in projects, with the outcome of actually achieving an amazing life.

It's one of those head-slappingly obvious concepts that, nevertheless, we sometimes need to be reminded of. This talk by Gary Vaynerchuk was good motivation too. Need more time? "Stop watching fucking LOST!"

I can build a chicken coop; I can organize our home; I can restore that barn. But nothing will happen until I put down the remote control and get to work. So I'm resolving to complete at least one task on my to-do list every day. As long as I keep plugging away, the projects will eventually be finished, one step at a time.

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Jhenn said...

You don't talk about Lost that way! Maybe CSI or So You Think You Can Dance.... but not Lost!!!!