Natalie loves to talk. Not only is she learning new words at a rapid-fire pace, she just can't wait to try them out in conversation. This is probably normal, I guess; who doesn't want to communicate? But it's a joy to watch the entire process unfold.

It is really fun to listen to her talking. She jabbers off a contant stream of nonsense syllables and occassionally sprinkles in words that she knows at random. She will march right up to strangers in the park and start babbling happily in this pseudo-language for as long as they'll listen. When she has something important to say, she puts her hand on my shoulder and looks me straight in the eye while she talks.

Her latest trick is to "read along" during story time, chattering while we read and stopping when we reach the end of a page. She sings the same way. And she has even memorized parts of her favorite books and songs so that she can chime in with the actual words (or at least one that rhymes).

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